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Each year, our team of tax professionals provides IRS tax relief for thousands of clients. With the experience to resolve just about any tax-related issue, IRS tax help and settlement solutions from Tax Accounting Bureau are tailored to your specific federal or state tax challenge.

Tax Consultation

Tax Resolution

Tax Preparation

Tax Relief

Our consultants, attorneys, Enrolled Agents and CPAs are here to listen and help you navigate the toughest tax issues.

We’ll start with tax investigation and work toward a best-case resolution proposal based on your specific situation. 

Tax Accounting Bureau will review past filed returns for possible beneficial changes and prepare any needed for negotiation compliance. 

Tax Accounting Bureau Will reach a resolution settlement  with the IRS. 

Done Deal

Why Tax Relief Bureau?

Tax Accounting Bureau Delivers Effective IRS Tax Relief: 

Resolution Phase Chart for Clients.png

Get Help Dealing With Your IRS Tax Debt !

Do You Need Help Dealing With the IRS Collections?

Offer in Compromise (OIC)

IRS Appeals


Bank Levy Release

Currently Non-Collectible


Innocent Spouse Relief


Installment Agreement

Penalty Abatement


Statute of Limitations


Tax Lien Discharge


Tax Lien Subordination


Tax Lien Withdrawal


Wage Garnishment Release

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