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Struggling To Deal With Your Taxes Or The IRS?

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We have helped thousands of taxpayers resolve their tax issues including reducing or eliminating their tax debt!

Resolve Your IRS Tax Debt And Get Them Off Your Back For Good!

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Taxpayer issues that can be Resolved, Reduced, or Eliminated through tax relief!

Unpaid IRS Back Taxes 

Whether you owe from neglecting to pay on time, unfiled tax years, or any other reason to accrue income back taxes, it’s one of the most common taxpayer issue, but if left unattended it can double in size with penalties and interest alone.

Wage Garnishment 

If the IRS cannot get their payments directly from the taxpayer, they will target and garnish your paychecks.... in other words they'll receive a portion of your check before you even see it.

Tax Fees & Penalties

The longer you wait to pay off your unpaid back taxes, the more interest and penalties will accrue. This starts the 1st day the payment is past due. 

IRS Audit

Tackling the IRS headfirst is a very risky move especially if you’re on your own. Make sure you’re in safer hands by getting representation specially during an IRS Audit. 

Tax Liens & Levies

It does not end at a wage garnishments. The IRS has the ability to put liens on your house and bank account as well as levy them in order to satisfy your tax liability, without your permission.

Unfiled Tax Years

Though you might feel in the clear by not filing your taxes, you’ll still have to pay them. The IRS can file for you without any credits or deductions and make you owe a balance as well as accrue interest.


IRS 'Fresh Start' Qualification Assistance

We’re ready to take your call. Don’t carry your tax burden any longer! Our in-house tax professionals are ready to help resolve any IRS tax debt issue and successfully utilize the various tax resolution programs offered by the IRS to give you the freedom relief you need. Using proven strategies, our tax professionals can get you through tax audits, help reduce your tax debt, and stop wage garnishments and bank levies from happening. by going through our tax resolution you may be able to settle tax debts for much less than was originally owed.The tax relief experts at Tax Accounting Bureau are committed to resolving your IRS problems quickly, professionally, and affordably. Tax Accounting Bureau provides tax relief options with flexibility because we really do understand.

Our Successful 3-step Process...To Help you Reduce, Resolve, or Eliminate

Free Consultation

Speak to one of our tax professionals and see what your options are!

(Free Consultation)

Investigation: Phase 1 

Start client protection, begin communication with IRS , & Create a plan of action to resolve tax issue. 

(2-3 Weeks) 

Resolution: Phase 2

Accomplish IRS Compliance & Complete Tax Resolution through Fresh Start Initiative programs.

(3 months)


Tax Relief Completed 

(Case Closed)

You Have Options...

Moving In

and we'll be there to help you every step of the way!

Tax Accounting Bureau has extensive experience with IRS tax issues and knows the best options available for your specific IRS tax situation. See if you qualify for tax relief, claim your FREE IRS case review evaluation.

Your IRS tax debt needs to be dealt with by professionals... If we can't help you, no one can!

- Tax Debt Resolution

- IRS Representation

- Tax Returns

- Tax Planning

- Bookkeeping

- Business Consulting

Tax Accounting Bureau helps business owners and Individuals resolve tax debts through years of expertise and a commitment to ethical, efficient and professional customer care. 

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